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Identity, Recognition and Appreciation

I’ve always held that there’s very little difference between recognition and appreciation. Whether it’s something we’ve evolved (some kind of neurological synesthesia) or perhaps learned (an infant recognizing its mother will surely feel a sense of appreciation), we’re all guilty of getting the two mixed up.

For Example

Have you ever, while listening to the radio and a song begins so play, thought “Oh, I love this song,” only to realize moments later that in actual fact you hate it? That’s what I’m talking about. You got recognition and appreciation mixed up.

This Matters Why?

People use this phenomenon to sell you crap. That’s what branding is. You’ve heard the term “brand recognition” – they’re hacking into your brain to tap your appreciation reserves. That’s why companies have logos, jingles, official colors (did you know that Cadbury’s has a patent on the color purple?*) and all that. Of course, sometimes it’s impossible to do this if the product’s too awful; you soon begin to subconsciously equate the branding with the poo. Which is why TV companies change their catch-cry every year. To renew the recognition-appreciation bond.

You have yourself to blame.

If you’re not aware of this, and you go out and buy a crap album that’s on high rotation on [insert commercial radio station here], you’re being duped. That’s fine – sometimes we don’t mind other people doing our thinking for us – but you should be aware of it, all the same.


I have no intention of exploiting your mixed up brain for my benefit. So I have no obligation to imprint you with branding or whatever. So I’ll change the theme, interface, even the title of my blog whenever I feel like it. So that’s why i have no problem renaming this site from “Distance Over Time” to “Interesting Developments.”


* I just made that up. But Toblerone does have a patent on that triangle box of theirs.**

** Probably.

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  1. Want to really freak people out, have the layout and title randomly change on each page load.. why .. because..

    BTW Cadbury did file for trademark on the colour, however, I don’t know if it was awarded.

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