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Good Use of Apostrophes Makes You Look Smarter

1. Plurals don’t have apostrophes.

One apple. Two apples.

2. Apostrophes show ownership.

One apple’s seeds. Two apples’ seeds.

2.1. The exception is: “Its”

There is an apple. Its skin is red.

3. Sometimes apostrophes replace letters.

Don’t eat the apple. You won’t like it. It’s a bad apple.

4. Apostrophes and acronyms.

4.1. Never, never use apostrophes with plurals.

There are lots of DVDs, CDs and MMORPGs about apples.

4.2. It’s okay to use apostrophes for ownership and replacement.

The DVD’s title is: “Why the sudden interest in apples?”

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  1. Liz said

    maybe won’t should have two apostrophys as thr conjoined words are would and not, so wo’n’t would be correct, no?…haha

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