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Funny, that

Bare in mind that I’m in B.C., Canada.
I just realised that when you spell certain words backwards, strange things start to happen. Take “gazeebo” for example. Backwards it spells “obeezab”. I won’t emarass us both by pointing out the significance of that one.

One that’s not so obvious is “Canada”. “Adanac?” I hear you ask. I admit there isn’t much there, at first. But look a little closer.

See the first three letters? ADA. Remember that. Now consider the next two: “N” and “A”. Time for a little magic! Simply bump the former back one spot in the alphabet – making it an “M” – and now compensate by pushing the latter letter (no pun intended) one place forward, making it “B”.
That’s right, you’re getting it. And there’s more: Take what we now have (Adamb); and place the final letter at the end. Whatcha got? Adam BC.

From Canada to Adam, B.C. (Canada.)

Funny, that.

See you all this June!

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