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Papa’s got a brand new bag

Guess who just signed up for broadband. Surfing…faster…typing…slower….

In other news: “Web 2.0 is very open, but all that openness has its downside: When you invite the whole world to your party, inevitably someone pees in the beer.

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  1. There have been no posts about the Eagles losing the Grand Final!!! said

    Go you mighty Sydney Swans!!!!

  2. leslie said


    you rock

  3. Nette and Phil said

    Hi Ad,
    Just caught up with all your news – I had the same trouble as Mum and couldn’t see the photos. Perhaps didn’t wait long enough.
    Hope you are still having a good time. Everything here going same old, same old. Gearing up for Christmas of course – had our office Chrissy Party at Burswood last Friday – Atrium for tea, then Paddy’s for dancing/singing etc. Great night had by all.
    All the best, and let us know what you are up to.
    Love Nette

  4. mum said

    Hi Ad,

    Great to talk to you on your Xmas day. Was the turkey dinner good ? The weather could’nt have been too bad as you got out to the park for a while you
    said. we had a real beaut day with breaky here to start with then around to Jan and Garys for lunch, great to catch up with everyone. I hope work goes okay and you like it. Be good to get a little more travel money behind you eh! Will talk to you again soon Ad, in the meantime please get yourself a international phone card so I’m not adding to the cost of your mobile acct. and you can ring us from a payphone when you get the opportunity. ta… luv you MUM xxxx

  5. surly spice said

    hey cup cake

    you shoudl give kev a call
    some interesting developments on that one

    the tests came back positive
    and i think its yours

    or i will have to build you a spice rack

  6. Tennilleymum said

    miss you ad… sounds like you’re having a ball, so jealous. hope you are writing all your adventures down for your number one best seller.

    simon is dumb

  7. Howdy stranger!

    Quick msg to say hi.

    BTW – a wookie. Easily 😛

  8. Nette and Phil said

    Hi Adam,
    Just catching up with all the latest – looks like you have been too busy to write much in your blog. We hope you had a great birthday – the BIG 30! -and many happy returns. What did you get up to for it? ANd please give us all the goss on what you are doing for work, accommodation etc. Is Bessie still on the scene?
    All well here, lots of love to you,
    Nette and Phil

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