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It’s all good

Hi everyone – I’m still alive and well. I’m in Nelson BC at the moment and am heading back to Vancouver. Not much to report: camping, camping, camping. The BC forests are mindblowingly beautiful – though slightly hazardous due to some of the local fauna (big sharp pointy teeth.)It’s getting cold and wet, though there’s still some sunny weather … this winter’s going to be interesting to say the least.

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  1. Jacqui said

    Go Eagles – Eages are in the final – woo hoo!!!!! Glad to see you have not had a run in with “Gentle Ben”. Your trip so far sounds amazing – they showed parts of Canada on Getaway and it looks stunning this time of year – we are very envious – one power ball and Mick and I will be over there. Caught up with everyone at your mum and dad’s place a few weeks ago for your Dad’s b’day. It was really nice to see everyone as it has been way too long – that will teach me for going away at Christmas. Pam however was up to her old tricks – drunk, dancing on tables naked – ha ha just joking.

    Better get back to it. Thinking of you and be safe.

  2. Koel said

    nelson’s sposed to be pretty pretty šŸ˜› glad to hear you’re enjoyin yasself. I’m going to unviersity in a week. aaaarrrghh! But yeah thought id come and say hi. Met any bears yet? I hear they’re real friendly this time of year… šŸ™‚

  3. mum said

    Hi Ad
    great to hear you’re doing okay. I’m interested to know how you got on with Bessie. What do you plan to do when you arrive back in Vancouver? Let me know if you want anything sent over. I am looking forward to one day visiting the places you have been to and will appreciate any tips etc of which way to do it., perhaps not the motorbike camping way though. We had beaut birthday party for Dad and he did enjoy all the attention and friends and family there on the day. Our or should I say your computer has taken a turn for the worst and Dad is out today shopping around for a new one hope he shops well. Okay Ad I’m glad you’re alright please take care and talk to us soon.
    Love you heaps
    Mum and Dad

  4. theres weetbix hiding in my shoes and it looks like my remote sensors have been converted said

    I’ve just been attending to my rhododendrons and they instucted me to ask you if canada were a species of bird would it be flightless? would it be carb conscious? would it predominately dwell south of the 30th paralell? Do you still purport to deny the obvious that Canada is in fact the penguin of international foriegn relations? All it takes is for some nut with an agenda to throw a handfull of mixed berries into the seaweed barrel and suddenly KAPOW!! it,s hello Gunter, got yourself an endangered marmaset caught up in your public works project have you. Well, the good lord knows I don,t have any answers- apart from the obvious ones of course but we all know what happened to the last advocate of plasticine eugenics and now his publicist is laughing all the way to the super flat farm. Just set yourself up with another grange account for such occurances is what I always say.

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