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Out with the old, in with the new.

  1. Check out the Open Directory for more pics.
  2. Add your birthday to the calendar.
  3. Send me your postal address if you want a postcard.

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  1. brock said

    hey ad

    you have ghost’s in your pants

    you better take them off

    thanks for the singing

    was a like a angel in heaven
    who fell out of the beuatiful tree
    hit every branch
    then hit the beautiful trampoline
    then hit some more branches


  2. mum said

    Great to talk to you the other day Ad, you sound just the same as always. How did you go with your bike licence? I’m not quite sure how to get into your pictures/movies you have on your Blog can you explain for me please. Also, can you please do us a favour and send Granma and Nana a postcard. It would really give them a lift to hear from you as they, especially Granma is always asking after you which is really sweet of her. Here are the addresses just in case you have lost your address book!!!!

    (Thanks Mum – I wrote down the addresses. -Ad.)

    Hope all is okay with you Ad.
    Talk to you soon hey!
    luv Mum & Dad

  3. PROF PUDDLES Mac Van Der GROGANS B.Ed B.A. BSc DPhil MLA CBE said

    *1* I can confirm a secure contact with the “MOUNTIE” stop
    She assures me that her representative is sypathetic to our “SITUATION” stop
    The “FUTURE PERFECT” will inform the “PAST PARTICIPLE” that preparations must be
    made soon stop
    *2* Ensure all “MODAL INFINITIVES are primed for when the time comes stop
    *3* The “DARTMOOR PARADOX” instructs you to begin with your most recent metonymy and work backwards to avoid the “BABY DUCK” Stop
    *4* “IVORGY” says “my new car does over 5000 sqare feet of dissapointed brie freestyle at birth per second (informal) whilst benign (formal)” stop
    *5* You can’t make an omlete to pay Paul stop
    *6* Await for further instuctions stop

  4. Bam want a postcard!

    Bam Creative
    307 Lord Street
    Highgate WA 6004

    Cheers! 🙂

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