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Heading off today

Re: “I’m not quite sure how to get into your pictures/movies you have on your Blog can you explain for me please.”

Just click here to go to the Open Directory, then click on the word ‘pictures’ to open the pictures folder. Then (once it’s finished loading) you can click the word ‘simple’ to change to ‘thumbnail’ view. Then just click the small pictures to see the large versions.

By the way, it turns out that isn’t so crash hot. Sucks to be Amazon…

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  1. Pam and Kevin said

    Yoh! Adam – how the heck are you? Well, that’s enough about you – let’s talk about us! Gotta joke for you – “How do you make a hanky dance? – give in? – Just put a little boogie in it!! s-s-s – a goody eh! Okay, down to business. It sounds like you are having a great time Ad – Are you happy with your bike for computer deal? Well done on passing your skills test – you will now be able to roam where and when you like – sounds like “Easy Rider” all over again – it’s a classic movie Adam, a little bit before your time but it wouldn’t surprise me if you knew it – a Peter Fonda special. Now, about our holiday – we had a great time and came back unscathed – ie no broken bones, blisters or snake bites! Matter of fact, there was a dearth of wildlife apart from some birds – spinifex pidgeons were cute. The scenery around the Western MacDonnell Ranges was great – we spent a lot of time walking up, down and along them. Also walked through some quite spartan bush terrain which was a nice change. The gorges were impressive too. Weather was great for walking – a tad cool of an evening and morning but hey, nothing we weren’t prepared for. The crew looked after us well – ie the guide for the walk – Natalie; and the chief cook & bottle-wash, driver extraordinare, font of information – Andrew – they were good scouts. The food was lovely too – had pre-dinner nibblies each night which complemented our choice of wines we had taken with us – it was a great way to end the day and watching the sun set. It was great to catch up with our friends Ron and Lyn from Darwin. The others in the group were good too – had lots of laughs. Well my boy, spose I should go and make the salmon patties for Kevin’s lunch so he can go off to work – pour love! Oh yes! that’s right, we, ie your Mum and I are heading “O/S” this arvo – Rotto of course. Nanette is already over there and Sue will join us tomorrow – aaaand, god willing…we will see Ken on Friday arvo!! – we’ll be over there for about six days so it should be a great holly – mind you, the weather isn’t that good but hey! we may just have to sit around reading, eating and drinking – bugger – can’t help bad luck can you! No, I am sure Nette will get us out and about on a regular basis – even if it’s just to the cemetery – with our torches – at midnight!! Well Ad, the computer has just come up “auto disconnect” – not sure what that means so hope you get this. Lots & Lots of love to you – stay safe, happy and healthy. P & K

  2. mum said

    thanks Ad,
    as you know we’re off to rotto this arvo {not DAD} I’m looking forward to it. Especially now that it looks like Pam and the others can make it. I’ll try the advice re pictures thanks Ad. I tried to ring you this morning but Liz is having trouble with her phone charger I gathr, never mind. I’ll try you on your mobile next time.
    Well take care and have loads of fun Ad.
    LUV you heaps
    Mum and Dad xxx

  3. Drew said

    Hey big guy, missing you a lot. Didn’t realise you could leave comments to your posts, but I read somewhere that you were going off on your bike and taking a pad and pen with you to write, and that it was some crazy idea I’d helped inspire! Just wanted to say thanks, glad I’ve rubbed off on you at least somehow, and any time you want to swap places let me know. I know how much you miss programming for ungrateful wankers.

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