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I’m making friends and having a good time – within reason. The weather’s nice enough to simply head out and hike along any of the local trails at random. I’m still happy and healthy.

I’ve been reading Umberto Eco’s Baudolino. It’s good. You should check it out. Neil Gaiman’s American Gods was excellent too.

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  1. owner of a lonely heart said

    I have never been on one of these sight’s before,
    I am just looking for someone who has a good sense of humor, likes walks on the beach, going to dinner and loves animals, please no time wasters

  2. dr sexy pants said

    With my reticence being ephemeral,
    And with no hyperbole
    or being deleterious or pejorative
    I extemporaneous and ebulliently exalt your acumen for such a baroque and resplendent blog

    Apologies for the extemporaneous paroxysm

    You know how I get

    Hugs and kisses


    where’s my present?

  3. mum said

    HI AD,

    How you doing? Been wondering why you can’t go onto Banff from Whistler instead of going back to Vancouver. I’m sure you have it all sussed though. Whats the weather been like there, it’s bloody freezing here especially the last few days. Yesterday we went to watch the Dockers beat the Bulldogs at Subi good game and even though the Dockers won they really need to improve if they want to have a chance in the finals. Today we walked over to Left Bank for arvo tea with Doug and Dot was nice to catch up with them and they asked me to pass on their best wishes to you. Well I’m off to bed now. it’s early here but I’ve a cold in my nose so I’m hoping I can shake it by having an early nite … we”ll see. bye
    ps.. Ken an Marina (we went to the footy wiith them) said to say Hi. luv Mum xxx

  4. Jan and Gary said

    Hi Adam

  5. OK Adam, it’s been a month now, you can come back. 🙂

    Got a job yet?


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