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Don’t Panic

About two and a half weeks ago I decided to get a motorbike & a tent and go camping through the Rocky mountains. So while I was in Whistler I did some research and passed my Car and Motorbike knowledge tests to get my L plates. On the internet I found someone in Vancouver who advertised to swap a 1983 Kawasaki 440 ltd for a Mac G4 powerbook. So I came back to Vancouver (arrived yesterday, staying at the Cambie) and made the swap yesterday. I’m doing the paperwork today; transfer, licence plates and insurance.

So I’m spending today and lots of time over the next week or so at the motorbike owner (Liz Boddy)’s house. It’s worked out really well: I’m teaching Liz adobe photoshop in exchange for motorbike lessons like riding, tuning, changing oil & plugs, etc.

I have to book a Motorbike skills test and I won’t be able to leave Vancouver until I’ve passed it. Here you don’t need to start on a 250cc, so the 440 is fine. Don’t worry, I’ll take it easy and be very careful. I’ll get proper riding gear to keep as safe as possible too.

It’s really easy making friends at the hostel so I’m keeping busy. I miss everyone back home – can’t believe it’s been a month already – so make sure and give me all the hot gossip!

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  2. Nette and Phil said

    Hi Adam,
    Strangely enough, I heard about your new motorbike from a different source! I am sure she has settled down by now. Please be careful and take all precautions when you are biking around. Will you be travelling with anyone?
    I have still got my cold, but alas the sympathy and TLC is rapidly disappearing – I think I have played it a little too long, but heh, it was good while it lasted!
    Happy motoring!
    Love Nette and Phil and Jeanette

  3. arthur dent said


  4. Karen & David said

    Hey Adam

    Be careful on that motorbike of yours, but have the time of your life and see as much of the country you can. Motorbikes are heaps of fun!
    We are sorry we didn’t get a chance to say goodbye before you left, you were missed at the last port80.
    You traded your laptop?? 🙂

    All the best Karen and David

  5. Nicole Brown said

    Hi Ads. Good to hear you’re having a great time. I landed a job in Lake Louise (near Banff). I don’t start til Mid November, so if you’re still in Canada we’ll have to catch up. I can’t believe you traded in your laptop!! Take care and have fun travelling through the rockies.
    Love Nic xxx

  6. mum said

    Ad, well why am I not suprised.?
    Just BE CAREFUL never presume that a car has seen you when out riding on your bike so always double check youself. How are the lessons going???? Has Liz mastered the laptop yet and your driving skills, how are you going with that? which side of the road do you use over there? I’m glad you are getting the right riding gear, insurance etc.
    We have just had a lovely weekend weather wise, not so good otherwise Granma had a fall and broke a couple of ribs. She is in quite a bit of pain and spending a few days in hospital, Nana is going okay and seems to be settling into her new enviroment. Sue and Bruce and the boys were up for the circus on Saturday so I caught up with Ooze which was good. Dave Jemma Dad and self are going next week.
    You have fun Ad take care and happy riding. Let us know soon how things are going. Luv from Mum and Dad xx

  7. Victor said

    Hey Adam! I hope you are by now cruising- oh for the days of a motorbike!
    Drop me a line some time. Cheers Vic

  8. The Mal said

    We love Adam. He’s the best. Gawd, he looks handsome on that motorbike! Hope you are having a ball!

    The Mal

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