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Whistler : nice.

Just signing in for today. All’s well. Looking for work – there seems to be lots around. It’s a beautiful day today. It must be 25-26 degrees. Haven’t been hiking yet, but will do soon.

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  1. Jacqui said

    Hi Ad,

    Wow it is warmer there than here but then again it is winter here – doh! Nothing too exciting to report here – work is work and all my friends are falling pregant – must be something in the water – very scary. Catching up with mum and dad tonight for pizza then we are having a pretty relaxing weekend at home – might catch the new Batman movie tomorrow night.

    Enjoy hiking and watch out for Grizzly Adams. Soak up some of that Canadian sunshine for us and take lots of pictures.


    ps. what did those words mean…..

  2. Jan and Gary said

    Hey Ad

    Must be a very beautiful spot in the summer. Are all the restaurants and bars still open? We remember some good pubs there – can’t think of the names but one was a boutique brewery. Food wasn’t too expensive either but that might have changed – huge serves so definitely not a place where you go hungry.

    Watch out for those bears if you go hiking AND REMEMBER they ‘have shorter front paws than back – THEREFORE run downhill mate but for goodness sake don’t fall over before they do – because they will. Or so we were told.

    And don’t scrounge in the bins after hours BECAUSE THEY ARE THERE!!

    Jeez you’re brave being out there with all those critters!!

    Have fun Ad – can you put photos on this site ?

    Now over to the beautiful Jan

    Hi Ad gee I love that intro
    Hope you are having a great time, its an amazing country isn’t it. Spoke to Mum and Dad this morning, they sound great and loved the Ghan. Had a great time with Jac and Mike last night ate and drank too much but thats normal. Gran is fine and still talks about your visit.

  3. Jan and Gary said

    Sorry Ad – It’s us again – we are not too good at this keyboard stuff and accidently sent the last note before we signed off.

    Hope you are having fun.

    Jan and Gary

  4. sand and jb said

    here we are in sydney having a lovely evening at ken and merrilyn’s appartment overlooking DARLING HARBOUR, mild 20 degrees. we are on the 17th floor so you can imagine the views. WOW…. Our train adventure was absolutely fantastic, wish we were going back on it instead of flying home. never mind will just have to do it again another time. I don’t suppose there is much snow at whistler at the moment with the temperature up around the 26 degrees. You sound like you’re off treking soon, that should be wonderful up in that countryside. Dad is very interested in that area and where you are so it’s great Ad to catch up like this. will say bye and talk to you again soon HAVE FUN FUN LUV Mum and DAD KEN AND Merrilyn xxxx

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