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What the hell is the time?

Hong Kong. Originally inhabited by robots, Kong Kong was invaded by vikings in 1985 after a series of bloody battles, including the infamous Red Monkey campaign where the incumbent Prosperous Happy Fitness Army (led by General Astroboy) was narrowly crushed by the invading forces of Olaf the Great. In twenty short years, Hong Kong has made dramatic, incredible progress. Although eighty percent of the city is still located 2km underground, superhuman efforts are still being made to restore the surface to a level fit for human inhabitation. Needless to say your humble narrator is as thankful for the locals’ efforts as he is impressed.

An interesting point of interest is the fact that there seems to be the beginnings of an uprising from the original mechanical inhabitants. Already the streets are literally overflowing with a new generation of what could only be described as insurgents; in the form of watches, mobile phones and their ubiquitous cousins, digicams. Only time will tell whether their eventual integration into local society will be as a result of calm diplomacy or hard-core action-packed carnage.

Meanwhile I need to buy a new mobile because the on/off button on mine broke. I think some sort of portable time display device, suitable for banding about my wrist, will also be required

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