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Double it

Tanks to all those who’ve added comments. It’s heartwarming to hear from you all.

You want to know how expensive Whistler is? Think of a number. Are you thinking of a number? Good – now double it. Just for kicks, double it again. That’s how much everything costs here. It’s OK because tuna and noodles – my staple diet back home – is still the same price.

Spent the day yesterday hiking around “Lost Lake“. It’s allright. I’ll post all my photos soon, I promise.

I’m starting to get some ideas of what to do over the mid-to-long term.

… Stay tuned.

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  1. mum said

    ad….dear one

    you can’t live on tuna and noodles, you need vegies and fruit or you”ll end up with scurvy and look and feel scungy.

    How far did you hike around Lost Lake? Don’t forget to watch out for those critters that scavenge around bins and campsites. Please be ready to scurry if the likes of one of those them their critters happens to appear from nowhere.

    We arrived home from our little holiday today and are pleased to report it went off without a hitch. Would have liked another couple of days in Sydney but never mind it is nice to catch up with Banjo again.

    Have lotsa fun Ad
    Take Care
    Love Mum nd Dad xx

    ps .I’ve got a gotalk phomecard can I ring you sometime?

  2. Koel said

    Hellooooo… ummm glad to hear you’re enjoying whistler… “lost lake” sounds awesome… and hey THANK YOU for lending that robin hobb book… tis superexcellently good šŸ˜€ So… ur in whistler for a month? Or longer? When (if) are you coming back to van?

    Koel šŸ™‚

  3. Pam and Kevin said

    Hi ya Ad!! Nice to hear you are getting some exercise. How come you found the lake if it was lost?? – yoooourrr sooooo clever! Yep, I thought Whistler would be xxxxxyyyy – lucky you don’t eat much eh! Lucky you with the weather – a bit better than what we are getting at the moment but we no complain – after all, it is winter. We have been busy getting the bamboo flooring down – now we have to put cushioning on the base of the tables, chairs, sofa etc etc to protect it to some extent – we shant be paranoid about it with general people scuff marks – we don’t mind it looking ‘lived in’ – having said that, people with hob-nail boots, stiletto/stilleto shoes and the like will be challenged before entry! – that’s not unreasonable is it? Needless to say, the home still looks like a bomb has hit it. This Saturday, 1 July, we have someone coming to inset our dining room curtain into the bay window and to reattach a condensed version of the swags & tails. Next Tuesday, 5 July, the carpet is being layed in the three bedrooms then we should be able to get things back to ‘normal’ (I use that word loosely as you would appreciate). Then, the next job is to get the pool re-fibreglassed – the liner has sprung another leak and it is almost at the end of its ‘use by’ date so it will be ‘cheaper’ ?! in the long run to have the fibreglass shell re-surfaced. Mind you, we are hoping this can go ahead but we won’t know until the pool has been drained, braced and the liner removed what sort of shape/condition the original shell is in – we’re thinking positively!! Anyway Adam, I hope you don’t have to pay big bucks for me filling in your comments page – glad you are well and happy ? Take care. Lots of love Aunty Pam & Uncle Kevin. PS Had a great time at Matt and Marina’s Engagement Party down at the Bunbury Rowing Club – good to catch up with all the ‘usuals’. I think I may have got a bit rowdy/boisterous/ugly but hey! – someone’s got to do it eh? WJ xxx

  4. Nette and Phil said

    ref Pam being rowdy/boisterous/ugly – it was all that AND MORE! Kev even had to mop the floors behind her! I hope they don’t plan on having the wedding at the same place, because I don’t think its a happening thing!
    Am reading through all your pages to catch up on the last couple of weeks. We are going well except for colds – Jeanette and I – but Phil is doing a sterling job in providing TLC.
    Love Nette

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